Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soul Cry

Oppressed by my wisdom
Threatened by my beliefs
Here I stand today
Chained to the knowledge I hold

Experiences uncountable
Stories numerous untold
I withhold myself with fear
From stepping into the unknown

The inner voice fights
With my struggling notions
To let the light in
Into the ever searching soul

The truth it seeks
The truth that is denied
The omnipresent truth
That is unseen to the eye

To break free it wants
From the shackles of forced rules
To be a rebel
To find the Ultimate Truth

A constant battle I wage
Against my very own beliefs
To go beyond limitations
In a never ending search
A search to quench
The thirst of my Soul.


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  2. To start with, awesome flawless style! Small rhythmic lines, beautiful selection of words, great rhyming sense! A perfect poem, it flows like a song!

    This is how the life is perhaps, as said by Oracle in Matrix, it all depends upon choice. And these choices, when we look back, unravel the tapestry of our life. You have so perfectly described the constant battle within usin words!