Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stranger in the Mirror

I woke up to the morning dream
Couldn’t recollect where I had been
Nor did anyone familiar seem
I tried and tried
But my thoughts screamed
I looked at my hands
Belonged to someone strange
Looked at the mirror
Found a stranger wherein
Then I remembered
The physical hurt
The emotional pain
The shrill sound of ambulance
And the burn of acid
On my face
Last time I had checked
I was still a child 

"Stranger In the Mirror" is an attempt to portray the emotional turmoil and the physical pain hundreds victims have to go through due to the acid attacks prevalent in various parts of the country.


  1. It is a pity every time we are under the impression of being progressive and incidents such drag us to square one...Great writing to remind us of the basic security still the fair sex demand in India!!!..We are still distant away from the freedom women deserve in the society...Wait for more such topics to be highlighted..

    1. Well said Abhishek!Thank you for the encouragement.