Friday, July 17, 2015

Why the popular teleseries on Indian Television are sending the wrong message?

It was over the weekend having a little spare time on my hands did I find myself watching a popular teleserial.Instead of enjoying the drama I found myself dissecting and questioning how the characters were being portrayed. For instance, a “bahu” is considered virtuous if she sacrifices her wishes and ambitions for the family. How for the female character being within “maryada” is supposed to be linked to the honor of the family and how she has to bear the brunt of the in-laws to prove her worth and dedication to the family. Period.

India 2015,with the deep penetration of internet, media and a more than ever connected world, there are millions of highly impressionable youth and that is what worries me.People learn from their environment and the content they choose to consume. Being bombarded with regressive social values just adds to the confusion of human mind and attitudes towards each other. Women in India(in the context of this piece) are subjected to various expectations socially, politically and economically. It is therefore no genius deduction that being subjected to so called “values” and their general popular acceptance leads young nubile and impressionable minds to think and stay within the limits portrayed by these teleserials.To me that is the biggest harm that these teleserials are doing to the society as a whole. To limit an individuals’ mind and build a boundary around what is achievable. This is where the wings of dreams are curbed and attitudes toward women are fortified.

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